Whitney’s Famous Bloody Mary Mix

Bloody Mary Mix

Whitney Ollila is, no doubt, a proven entrepreneur in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Her 20 years of experience as a bartender in the area propelled her into a whole new world of manufacturing after years of preparing the oh-so-loved, but oh-so-time consuming Bloody Mary for her patrons. Sensing a need for a mix that would take the popular Bloody Mary’s lengthy process and substitute it with a flavorful, ready made mix, Ollila took it upon herself to begin the trial and error. After years of experimenting, and with encouragement from family and friends, Ollila landed on the right concoction for a Bloody Mary mix that required nothing but adding vodka and the patron’s choice of garnish. Soon after, Ollila obtained the necessary manufacturing license and a manufacturing location that met all stringent requirements. Whitney’s Famous Bloody Mary Mix was born and has sales all over the U.P. and in parts of Wisconsin as well. Sales are brisk and expanding weekly, a testament to Ollila’s business savvy, and product savvy, too.

Ollila uses eleven spices in her Famous Bloody Mary Mix, along with just the right thickness of tomato sauce. All one has to do, to make the perfect drink, is add vodka and garnish. However, the uses for Whitney’s Famous Bloody Mary Mix is limited only to your imagination. There are a slew of recipes outside of the Bloody Mary that are sure to satisfy. Use it in spaghetti, chili, soups, and whatever else your imagination can conjure.

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