Vendor Process and Information Sheet

Thank you for your interest in selling goods and/or services on the MIUpperHand webpage.  Please review the following information regarding the process of selling on MIUpperHand.

Vendor Application Processing Steps:

  1. Prospective vendor agrees to Terms and Conditions of the MIUpperHand webpage.
  2. Prospective vendor fills out and submits Vendor Application and product photos.
  3. MIUpperHand processes the application.  This will take up to 20 business days.
  4. MIUpperHand notifies prospective vendor of decision.
  5. If approved vendors will:
    –  Receive a link to vendor biography sheet.  The vendor will fill out the sheet, and submit it along with a photo.
    –  Receive a link to the Consignment Agreement.  The vendor will print and sign a copy of the Consignment Agreement.
  6. Vendor contacts MIUpperHand to set up a time to collect $50 set-up fee, signed Consignment Agreement and inventory.
  7. Vendor receives MIUpperHand promotional materials and a receipt for inventory.
  8. MIUpperHand will place vendor bio and inventory on website within five business days of receipt.

What MIUpperHand provides:

  • National Marketing
  • Warehousing
  • Packaging
  • Shipping
  • Sales tax and state reporting
  • Handling of product returns
  • Professional writing
  • Professional product photography
  • Monthly updates via e-mail
  • MIUpperHand marketing materials free of charge

What vendors provide:

  • Your product
  • Your story
  • Set-up fee $50
  • Cross-marketing of MIUpperHand brand

Additional Information:

  • Commission fee retained by MIUpperHand
  • Checks will be distributed at the beginning of the month following previous month’s sales
  • Initial term of consignment of products is six months
I have read the Vendor Process and Information Sheet and agree to comission fees and policies
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