Tyler R. Tichelaar


As a seventh-generation resident of Marquette, MI., Tyler R. Tichelaar understands the pull of the Upper Peninsula, and perhaps more important, he understands the significance of telling its story – its history, its culture, its people and their relationships. Writing is natural for Tichelaar, as evidenced by the fact that he began his first novel at age 16 and has since earned a BS, MA and Ph.D in English. With all of his novels set in the U.P., Tichelaar looks to the lives that inhabited the region’s past and how those lives intertwine. The stories of a rich industrial history, survival and the love of place fascinate and rest at the core of Tichelaar’s work. For the author, you must see your life in connection to the past, but you must also write your story so it is not lost.

Writing serves as an outlet for Tichelaar, a means to respond to the beauty that surrounds, and a way to capture time and place. What begins as a plot line in his mind takes form on everything from napkins, to sticky notes, to the computer. Inspiration and comfort are key in a process heavily focused on revision, rewriting and reorganization. The final product is a published novel and proof of the long marriage between history and the written word.

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