Sue Hubbard

Glass Fuser

Living in Gwinn, MI with her husband John, who is also an artist, Sue Hubbard has made Michigan’s Upper Peninsula her home since 1966 when she started college at Northern Michigan University. Art has since always been an interest that the couple shares – art, and a love of the outdoors. Hubbard’s infatuation with working with glass began with her first stained glass class in 1999. She relished finding her own creativity in the medium and soon purchased a kiln and began learning the fusing process. While the end product fascinates Hubbard – opening a kiln after a firing proves both exciting and riddled with anticipation – it is usually an innate attraction to a particular piece of glass that leads Hubbard into a new project. Once a piece of glass catches her eye, she instinctively knows how to use it, and she does so by creating a wide range of piece – from pocket vases to jewelry boxes.

Hubbard’s process is one of both creativity and precision. It is essential that the glass used is of a specific COE, coefficient, so that the piece will not break when cooled. Hubbard first cuts the glass and then lays out the design in multiple layers. She then glues the pieces in place and puts the project in the kiln. The kiln heats the glass to its melting point, at which time the pieces fuse together. The process of heating and cooling can take up to 12 hours, with the final product being a direct result of Hubbard’s care, precision and originality.

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The brainchild of Upper Peninsula artist Sue Hubbard, Tug-A-Fleece offers your dog the ideal play companion. With her children grown, Hubbard and her husband share their lives with their dog companions, taking walks and seeing wildlife every day with their furry, four-legged friends.

Once Sue realized just how much her dogs loved their own Tug-A-Fleece, and how durable they were, she decided it was time to make them available for other dogs to enjoy. Made with fleece, which is strong and has the ability to be stretched and pulled, the Tug-A-Fleece can be chewed on without damage and is good for your dogs’ teeth. Even the owner of two sturdy bulldogs told Sue the Tug-A-Fleece was worth every penny. Get one for your own four-legged friend, or give it as a gift for your friend’s pup.

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