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Janet Nesberg was born in lower Michigan.  Her family moved to California when she was four.  Even as a child she was constantly drawing pictures.  When he was fourteen her mother gave her a set of oils.  She became passionate about painting.  In high school, her art teachers encouraged Janet to try many different medias.  Pen and Ink became a favorite.  Janet spent countless hours creating Victorian Houses and landscapes.  But her true passion was oil painting.

At 18 she returned to Michigan, choosing to settle in the Upper Peninsula and raise a family.  Everything about the UP made her soul feel at home and at peace.  The solitude of the woods, abundant wildlife, and the beauty of her surroundings inspires her art.

In 2006, she was forced to switch from oils to acrylics, because of health issues.  Janet adapted quickly to this new media and has produced many beautiful paintings.  Most of her pieces reflect the natural beauty and wildlife of this area.  Some works are from photos taken on vacation out West.  While Janet loves landscapes, she also expanded and now does portraits and wildlife studies.

In 2007, Janet realized she needed an outlet for her art.  It was then, with the persuasion of her husband Ted, that they decided to start an art gallery.  Janet now paints almost daily and displays and sells her art from her own gallery.  She has paintings in private collections all over the United States and Canada.  Janet and her husband Ted are charter members of the Munising Bay Art Association.  Janet’s art can be seen at the Stone Lion Art Gallery that she and her husband operate in Munising.

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