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  “My fondest memories as a child are walking the shore of Lake Superior with my Uncle looking for agates.”  Thus, Robert’s passion for “sunken treasures” is multi-generational.  Now, he and his children enjoy the hunt for treasure from Lake Guitchie Gummie.

Robert has truly lived the artist life.  He has travelled to 15 countries and 37 states and has lived in 6 states.  Robert sold art in many different kinds of medium including: chalk, paint, stone, metal and tile.  “Working as a self-employed contractor, I have made things my whole life.”  Robert is a highly motivated, goal-oriented individual.  “The only difference between a dream and a goal is one has a plan and the other doesn’t.”


Robert is a 3-time NCAA All-American Wrestler, finishing 2nd in the USA in 1989.  He graduated from Lake Superior State University with a Double Major in Psychology and Social Science.  He also completed a Minor in History.  Robert has played guitar for 25 years.  He owns a hobby farm and regularly volunteers in his community.

Robert has earned numerous awards in his life including:

U.S. Congressional Appointment to West Point

NCAA Mid-West Regional Rookie of the Year

NCAA Mid-West Regional Outstanding Wrestler

NCAA Mid-West Regional Champion 3x

Delta Sigma Phi Leadership Award


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