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While artist Ron Morgan states his love for art has no definitive starting point – he has always loved art – he pinpoints the moment in junior high when he first noticed the detail his art teacher used in drawing the scales of a rainbow trout. This realization, and more important, this teacher, was Morgan’s first inspiration. Born and raised in Colorado, it wasn’t until after Morgan’s service in Vietnam that he discovered not only love, but Marquette, MI. as well. Morgan and his wife Judy married and moved to Marquette in 1974, where they raised two sons and where Morgan recognized his second inspiration – Marquette’s rich historic and natural beauty. However, the business of raising a family and working full time at Bunny Bread / Sara Lee Bakery didn’t allow much time for Morgan to dedicate to his own artwork. Upon his retirement in 2009, Morgan has been able to revisit his love and once again focus his artwork, always looking to the people and the innate beauty of Marquette to inspire.

Though time spent on his artwork was limited at a young age, Morgan did display his work at Art on the Rocks in the mid-1970’s. He then continued to draw, but predominantly as a hobby, completing such projects as murals and logos. Now in his retirement, Morgan has the time to devote to his artwork.

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