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Much how he chose to put down his furniture business and pick up his pen full time, author Richard Hill chooses his outlook, his attitude, toward life. It is this philosophy in choosing to look for the humor around him that has propelled Hill to success in his many and varied endeavors. Hill grew up in Sault Ste. Marie and has lived in the U.P. most of his life, relishing the area’s seasons, and its rural, slower pace of living. As an NMU graduate, with a BFA in Furniture Design, Hill spent several years traveling the art fair circuit in Traverse City with his wood designs, but the U.P. called him back. Hill and his wife then started Whitefish Bay Furniture – a ready-to-finish solid wood furniture store – in the Soo. For the 12 years Hill successfully ran the store, he continued to write in his journals, just as he’d done since high school, 40 years ago. However, there was never enough time to write as much as he desired, to research as much as was required. And so, Hill made the choice, the one that reset his path. He said goodbye to Whitefish Bay and dedicated himself to his writing. Inspired by the characters and the situations he encounters everyday, Hill expresses clear joy in sharing his take on the humor and entertainment that gets us through each day. This means of expression has fast become a necessity for Hill. Hard but satisfying, Hill finds that if he is not writing then he is not connecting. Hill chooses to perceive the world through a positive lens, not ignoring the bad, but not dwelling on it either. His two completed memoirs are proof of the significance of choice in one’s life and work.

Hill’s writing typically starts with a rough outline of characters and events that he wants to work into a story. If there is enough material for a story, Hill will try to tie together several related events. For the most part, Hill’s stories are nonfiction, with a humorous twist. He enjoys writing about relatable situations and bringing those very stories to his audience.

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