PhotoYoop – Cory Genovese

Cory Genovese (PhotoYoop) was born in Oceanside, NY but was raised in the great outdoors of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Currently residing in the Marquette area, Cory has nothing short of beautiful scenery to capture with his photography.

Cory grew up aspiring to work as an architect/engineer because he liked the idea of designing homes. After attending college in NY and working in NYC,  the city life caught up with the outdoorsman, and Cory yearned to return to the land he loved. So, he did.

Upon his return, Cory began working with animals at the pet stores and vet clinics, until his life took a turn towards his talent. He discovered his passion for photography about five years ago and has been living the journey since. Cory’s inspiration originates with wanting to live the American Dream; to turn his talent into a living. Much of the photography Cory practices is energy centered scenes like the Superior sunrises of the U.P. and other very natural, colorful instances. He also enjoys sports photography with a freelance position through Northern Michigan University Athletics.


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