Mike Argeropoulos


Mike Argeropoulos grew up in Marquette and has an MA in English from Northern Michigan University. His mom and dad took him on thousands of hikes all around the UP and on some of those trips he studied a lot of topographical maps of the UP. Like many an eighth grade shop student, he once made a wall clock in the shape of the Upper Peninsula. He cannot shake the map of the UP from his brain, so much so that he had to invent Michigan Camouflage. Those who truly love the UP will note that the size of the Upper Peninsula on the pattern is a lot bigger than the Lower Peninsula. This is due to the proportion of Sisu in the UP versus the LP.  His other pattern, the Sasquatch Camouflage, dates from a fateful hike along the Peshekee Grade in 1988 when he saw a Sasquatch gathering thimbleberries. He and his tenacious mother gave chase, tracking the Sasquatch all the way to the backside of Hogback Mountain where it vanished into the haze.

Mike and his family have a shack in the Blue Jacket district of Calumet where they spend every possible moment of summer. His paintings and collages are frequently seen at The Omphale Gallery in Calumet, the Hancock Community Arts Center, and sometimes at the Devos in Marquette.


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