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Jewelry Artist / Painter / Woodcarver

Linda A. Hirvonen was born and raised in Marquette, Michigan. After 35 years away from the area, she’s retired to the town she loves so much. Growing up on the shores of Lake Superior is enough to inspire any mindful person. In that sense, Hirvonen is no exception. She has, however, chosen to turn her observances and the materials of her everyday U.P. surroundings into art – a path not everyone follows in retirement. Her pieces – whether jewelry, acrylic paintings or woodcarvings – represent the juxtapositions between natural elements and Hirvonen’s art mediums. This desire to incorporate items that might not otherwise be found together fuels Hirvonen’s motivation. She states that no more is she so totally engaged in the present than when she’s working. This statement only furthers her life philosophy: be here now, and take the time to smell the roses. And since her retirement in 2006, as executive director of the Delta County Economic Development Alliance, Hirvonen has found the time to take on that challenge, immersing herself in her jewelry, painting and woodcarving. Her pieces reflect the effort Hirvonen takes to create each nuanced piece. They are a true labor of love and one that allows Hirvonen to get lost in her creative self.

Hirvonen’s process weighs heavily on discovery. She enjoys finding interesting pieces – rocks, shells, beach glass, driftwood – and seeing what those pieces want to become. They might become necklaces, pins, earrings or tie tacks. They might want to be strung, wrapped in wire or combined with other elements. Hirvonen’s acrylic paintings lend themselves to close-ups of people and animals interacting with nature. Her carvings are more often functional utensils, or birds.

Hirvonen can be found at her booth each Saturday morning at the Farmers and Artists Market held downtown at the Marquette Commons. She looks forward to meeting you.

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