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Work Training and Job Placement

In the early 1970’s, Lakestate Industries began as a place for persons with disabilities to work after they graduated from school. Now the Escanaba facility serves 140 people with barriers to employment. The clients are able to choose from a variety of jobs including furniture making, document destruction, Yooper Fire Starter assembly, recycling, janitorial and pallet stock manufacturing. And while Lakeside Industries is constantly looking for new opportunities so they can offer their clients a variety of work options, they knew they needed to look no further than the Upper Peninsula for their home base. The people of Lakestate love the U.P. because of its small town charm, its changing seasons and its sense of community. Certainly Lakestate’s philosophy towards their work complements that sense of community they so cherish. Lakestate Industries believes everyone should have the opportunity to work regardless of employment barriers. The people that they serve are a testament to that philosophy, and the community is equally able to share in the successes of Lakestate’s clients.

Making everything from tables, chests, dog feeders, trash bins, crates and Yooper Fire Starters, Lakestate Industries offers a wide variety of products. The furniture process includes purchasing random width lumber, sawing it to the correct width and length, sanding each piece, staining each piece and then using jigs to put the final piece together. The fire starters are made with shredded paper and empty toilet paper rolls. The paper is stuffed into the roll and then dipped into melted wax. Each fire starter is then set on a rack to cool before being packaged.

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