Justin Savu

Wilson Creek Woodsmithing

Justin Savu’s affinity for Upper Michigan’s diverse natural environment and skill for his trade proves to be an extension of his lifestyle. A native of Ishpeming, Savu currently lives and has his shop in Big Bay. Savu’s business, Wilson Creek Woodsmithing, is one steeped in environmental consciousness, with a focus on a regional approach to forestry rather than an industrial one; and with a BS in Environmental Science and eight years of field experience, Savu’s knowledge propels his desire to create high quality products using low-impact forestry practices. From portable saw-milling, timber framing and carpentry, to furniture and wood sculptures, Savu produces a vast array of products and pieces that reflect his varying techniques and his skill. His pieces are also a reflection of the inspiration Savu derives from trees themselves. For the artist, there is an essence to discovering and processing the trees that are to be chosen – wood is beautiful, strange, warm, diverse and has so many uses. Not unlike the trees, whose life stories are revealed within their layers, Savu’s pieces achieve new stories through craftsmanship.

All of Savu’s work and lumber – with the exception of a few regional species – comes from local trees. For commission pieces, clients may specify the wood type and overall look of the lumber to be used. When Savu makes pieces for display and sale he weighs the choosing of the wood heavily on aesthetics. Finishing is done with a plant-based tung / orange oil finish. The final steps require a careful eye – clean lines, proportion and color.

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