James Robert Paquette

Author / Archeologist

Neguanee native James Paquette wears many hats, a life long Yooper being just one. As a freelance writer and photographer, an award-winning labor journalist and editor, a regional historian and public speaker, Paquette’s true passion combines both his heritage and his curiosity. Archeology fulfills Paquette’s many and varied interests and brings to light his 1987 discovery of the famed Gorto Site artifact cache. A self-taught archeologist, Paquette recounts his findings in his debut book – his discoveries prove ancient Native Americans once lived in the Upper Peninsula some 10,000 years ago. Paquette is now regarded as being on of the preeminent authorities on Upper Great Lakes and Upper Peninsula archeology. The roots of his family running deep in the U.P., Paquette is proud and ever-conscious of his traditional mixed-heritage upbringing and lifestyle; and as a M├ętis elder and Native educator within his community, Paquette considers the sharing of knowledge to be one of our greatest assets. Through his writing and his outspoken advocacy of human rights and cultural respect, Paquette is able to fulfill his belief that service to humanity is the best work of life.

Paquette’s first book, The Find of a Thousand Lifetimes: The Story of the Gorto Site Discovery, is the product of the author’s passion and time. The book chronicles Paquette’s historic discovery of rare Paleo-Indian stone projectile points on Deer Lake. It also features never before published photographs. Paquette believes that writing allows him the opportunity to share knowledge.

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