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While photographer Jacqueline Love intended to graduate from Northern Michigan University with a theatre degree and then move on from the area, she, like so many others, grew to love Marquette. She credits its strange and subtle magnetism, its sense of community and its beauty for making it impossible to tear herself away. This is a good thing, since the focus of Love’s photography is often the beauty of the Upper Peninsula environment. However, it wasn’t until 2007 that she found she had both a passion and a talent for the artistic medium. What started as lark turned into love, which is perhaps no surprise, as she comes from a family of accomplished artists – her dad’s 35mm Canon film camera accompanied them on many family day trips and her sister is a mixed media artist. Love’s mother also has a diverse background in painting. For Love, it was an unexpected journey into photography but she views it now as her creative outlet. Photography lets her, and us, relive moments. Perhaps more important, when Love takes out her camera, she has creative license to linger, to slow down, especially when it can be all too easy to overlook what is right in front of you. The seeming simplicity of her work is both approachable and thought provoking, and exemplifies beauty that is often overlooked.

Producing prints and hand assembled cards, Love first begins her process with the photograph. Much of her work includes floral and nature compositions. In her selective saturation pieces, Love shoots in color then converts the image to black and white. She then goes back into the original color image and lifts out areas of color. Those pieces of color are selectively deposited onto the black and white image, resulting in a hybrid image, part black and white, part color. The pieces are akin to hand colored photographs, but are achieved digitally. All of Love’s images are professionally lab printed and all her cards are hand assembled. Each print is matted and adhered to a card using photo-safe acid and lignin free adhesive.

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