J.R. Scott

Wood Carver / Jewelry Artist

Boundless and varied surroundings offer an endless supply of material for an artist who finds inspiration in the natural world. Such is the case for wood carver and jewelry artist J.R. Scott. While Scott has only lived in the U.P. since 1994, he first fell in love with it in 1970 while on a fishing trip. The area has since fueled both his mind and his tangible art. Scott has competed both nationally and internationally in wildlife carving, but he is recently more interested in using local minerals and metals in combination to create wholly unique jewelry pieces. Creating art for more than 40 years, Scott’s longevity in his field is a testament to both his education as well as the abundance of natural resources at his fingertips. Scott studied Fine Arts at the Columbus College of Art and Design before studying sculpture at The Free Academy of the Arts in Den Haag, Netherlands, with additional studies at Atelier ’63 in Haarlem, Netherlands. From his studies and his experiences he has taken away not only fine technique but also profound appreciation for his ability to create art. For Scott, the ability to create art is the essence of fine living. With the never-ending forms in nature giving way to countless shapes and designs, Scott should be creating for a long time to come.

Scott’s process is a meticulous one. He begins with sheets and wire of copper and silver. He then forges, saws and shapes them into jewelry. Scott’s float copper jewelry starts by finding the copper in ore piles in the U.P. region. He must remove the unwanted rock from the copper before polishing the nuggets to create the specimens that go into his jewelry. Scott’s unique copper jewelry reflects his love of natural forms and wildlife.

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