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At Iverson’s they’ve been hand crafting the finest traditional wood snowshoes for over 50 years. They’re made in the USA, right here in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and trust them when they say, “we know snow.”

It started back in 1954 when Clarence Iverson began building his snowshoes for the State of Michigan. His premise was simple; reduce expended energy by walking on top of the snow, not through it. His designs provided maximum weight distribution for optimum flotation. The news soon spread of the Iverson snowshoe and demand expanded the company into consumer market.

Clarence only uses the finest materials; premium Michigan White Ash, full grain rawhides, and pure copper hardware. These components are expensive, but well worth the cost when you find yourself in extreme conditions, or when it’s time to pass your Iverson’s on to the next generation.

They hand-craft 11 models of snowshoes in different sizes and they are available laced with traditional rawhide or their new ballistic neoprene. Iverson was the first to introduce the neoprene laced snowshoe. This lightweight, non-stretch, non-stick material is unaffected by severe winter conditions and reduces snowshoe maintenance. In 2008 Iverson began using military grade ballistic Kevlar impregnated neoprene. Incredibly tough, durable, abrasion resistant and 30% lighter. Besides using the finest materials, they also developed the “Standard A” snowshoe harness, the reference standard of the industry. They use their proprietary “No-Sno” poly-lacquer coating along with a multi-step dipping process that significantly reduces build-up in wet and sticky snow conditions.

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