Great Lakes Art Jewelry by Julie Maxon

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Great Lakes Love Affair

My Lake designs have been locked inside my head for many years, just waiting for the right time to come out and play. My Love Affair with the Lakes began when I first arrived home from the hospital to our home at the spectacular Torch Lake, Michigan. 

As I have lived and traveled, I knew I would always need to live near the water. Having lived in Washington State for a year made me realize just how much I needed that Fresh Water near. Sure, Mount Baker was gorgeous and Birch Bay was lovely, but I was born a Freshie and needed to return to my Head Waters.

Lake Michigan was home to me for many years. These days I roam the shores of Lake Superior. Waters high and waters low, I have a strong desire to protect this precious Natural Resource. I hope that my work will create an awareness of not only the beauty, but also the need to protect the lakes.  

I enjoy working with Metal Clay and Sheet Metal in Copper,  Silver,  and Bronze.  I also use Native Stones including basalt, agate, amethyst, and unakite as well as stones from around the world.  

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