Fleetwood Maple Blocks

Fleetwood Maple Blocks

Working over the course of generations in various wood-related industries, our family has cared for and cultivated the forests of the Wisconsin Northwoods and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for more than a century. We take deep pride in the quality of the woods we harvest and, most importantly, in working to ensure the forests we love are healthy and sustainable for many more generations to come.

All of the logs used in our Fleetwood Maple Blocks products are harvested with care and consideration. Our partners select-cut specific trees in certain small areas, making sure to leave the right amount of seed trees and canopy, which helps promote healthy regrowth and regeneration of our forests.

Once harvested, no wood is wasted in the process of producing our blocks and cutting boards. All of the bark, trim and sawdust is repurposed, sold, or otherwise upcycled.

Our family is proud of our stewardship and our business, but our greatest success is providing the highest quality maple blocks and cutting boards to our customers.

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