Duane Grandy

Duane Grandy was raised in the lower peninsula of Michigan in a town called Reed City. Then he moved around a little bit, to New Mexico while still in high school. After graduating he soon joined the Air Force. While in the Air Force he was stationed in seven different bases.  During the last two base assignments, he would use his leave-time to visit his brother in L’Anse, MI. When the time came to retire in 1995, Duane decided to live in the wonderful U.P., he had hunted up here for years, and he knew he wanted to live here, so he moved to L’Anse.  Living locally he was able to get a job at Pettibone Michigan, in Baraga, MI. He worked there for 13 years, until he was laid off in late 2009. Duane decided right away that he didn’t want to sit around, having extra time available, he wanted to finish up the trim-work on his house. He thought at the time that a laser engraver would best suit his needs in the long term and short term. He did the research, chose a machine to invest in, and then bought one in May of 2010.

After he finished the trim-work on his house, he started engraving on items like sports mugs, drinking glasses, and glass coffee cups, etc. Duane now aspires to a business endeavor. He is very selective on what items he does sell. Duane concludes, if he doesn’t use it himself, then he won’t sell it. The attachments to his machine allow him to etch glassware, engrave wood, acrylic, leather, and mark metals.  He can also cut thin acrylic, wood, and leather. He says, It all starts with the imagination. After that, it’s a matter designing the images on his computer, and sending the information to my laser for etching and engraving.

Duane likes to work with glass and wood especially. He started working with wood first. He says, one of the most intriguing parts to working with wood, is trying to figure out what piece of wood would look good with what images.

Duane attends craft shows, and local events, to show his work.

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