Connie Hedmark

Rock Art

Artist Connie Hedmark wasn’t always an artist, at least not in the traditional sense. In fact, the path she took to end up where she is now was one many would consider unconventional. Hedmark did not attend an art school, rather, she made the challenging decision – she had three little kids at home – to apply to medical school. That decision landed her below the bridge at Michigan State’s medical school, and away from the U.P., the area in which she grew up and loved. Upon her completion of medical school, Hedmark did her residency in Ann Arbor before she returned to Marquette to practice with the OB/GYN Associates. While she had many opportunities to practice in other locations, Hedmark’s heart pulled her home. The U.P. represents a certain quality and beauty of life for Hedmark. This is a beauty that thoughtfully inspires her new endeavor in her recent retirement – creating rock drawer and cabinet knobs. Hedmark retired in September after 20 years of practice, and with her recent gift of time, has begun to explore her new passion. She poignantly explains the beauty of rocks and their connection to our childhoods, our youth, stating how wonderful and exciting it once was to collect rocks as a kid – to hold them, feeling their texture and their nuances. Now, as an adult, Hedmark more than ever, appreciates the natural and aging beauty of rocks. The medium allows her to connect with her youthful curiosity as well as to pursue her philosophy that one must live life to its fullest. Hedmark now has the time to take on this pursuit, and in doing so, she brings simplicity and beauty together in her original rock adornments.

Hedmark’s process first begins with exploration. She combs for rocks in many locations, looking for specimens that encompass something nuanced or extra beautiful. Color, texture, patterns and size all contribute to whether a rock is kept or left behind. Some rocks are then tumbled, while others are naturally ready. Hedmark drills a hole in each rock with a diamond drill bit, all of which is done under water. Once drilled, Hedmark fixes a threaded sleeve in the hole so that a bolt can be threaded into it. The result is an original knot for you to adorn any drawer or cabinet. Hedmark’s pieces are mostly granite, basalt, quartz, unikite and combinations of all.

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