Brian Cabell


Writer Brian Cabell has seen his share of the world. As a California native, Cabell traveled to Europe and South America before getting into television journalism in the mid 1970’s. He eventually became a correspondent for CNN, based in Atlanta, but in 2004 he took off his suit and tie and came north to Marquette where he became the news director at WLUC TV. His strong desire for a cooler climate, a smaller, more accommodating town and a greater connection with the outdoors proved the ideal match for Michigan’s Upper Peninsula – harsh winters and all.

In the last year, Cabell has published the novel Money in the Ground, a story of suspense dealing with a large mining company coming into the U.P. He also produced, wrote and narrated Spirit of Hiawatha, a documentary featuring the Hiawatha Music Festival.

What began as a suggestion by a mutual friend of both Brian Cabell and Paul Grant’s turned into a both insightful and alluring collaboration – one that joins together painting and the written word. Once Grant and Cabell realized they shared a vision, they set out to begin their newest undertaking: a book that would feature Grant’s paintings and Cabell’s descriptions. Grant would collect some of his best known paintings over the last four decades, paint a few new ones, and Cabell would write about them, explaining how they reflected what the U.P. and what Yoopers are all about. What took place for the next seven months was a meeting of the minds. Grant and Cabell got together nearly every week at the Landmark Inn’s Northland Pub, over beer and coffee, and discussed the paintings. Cabell scribbled down his notes, then wrote the stories that accompany each of the more than eighty paintings in the book. The result is Portrait, a beautiful look into the U.P., the place and its people.

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