Beth LaPonsie

Jewelry Artist

To say that jewelry artist Beth LaPonsie has worn – and wears – many hats is an understatement. Her many and varied careers and travels have seen her transitioning from a U.S. Army Officer to a children’s author, an author of an adult novel, the owner of two multimedia companies and a business development consultant. Her work has taken her across the U.S. and to the Middle East, where LaPonsie lived for seven years between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates; and after all LaPonsie’s travels and business ventures, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is where she has returned to make her home. Now she’s reveling in her first U.P. winter in more than 25 years. It was her love for the area as well as the natural entrepreneur in her that allowed LaPonsie to take on a wholly new venture – stained glass jewelry. Relying on her sister’s eye for glass and expertise in working with the material, LaPonsie took the next step in combining her love for the jewelry pieces she’d encountered around the world with her sister’s scrap stained glass. Putting two of her favorite things together to create a product to sell to women was the natural outcome, and LaPonsie involves herself in every aspect of the process, from design to marketing. With 15 months under her belt, LaPonsie believes, with confidence, that it really is true that if you do what you love it will become a living. LaPonsie now welcomes the break from 15 years behind a computer screen and brings us an altogether unique take on stained glass jewelry.

Since stained glass never comes in expected shapes and sizes, LaPonsie finds it fun to work with a little bit of the existing shape when creating a jewelry set. She finds this practice to feel more authentic to the resource recovery process – like using something found in its natural state. Once LaPonsie selects her scrap pieces, she then cuts the glass to the shape she likes and treats the edges. When done in the shop for the day, LaPonsie begins selecting beads for each set before wrapping them with wire. No two sets are exactly alike, ensuring a one-of-a-kind set for every admirer.

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