Aaron Sault

Jewelry Artist

Jeweler Aaron Sault grounds his process in his belief that, as an artist, he must be open to new ideas. His journey to where he is now reflects that progressive philosophy. Sault first fell in love with the twisted creations of Juniper trees while living in Durango, CO., and it was this new affinity that sparked his desire to carve, to work with his hands, though he had no experience. Sault’s curiosity led him to Northern Michigan University’s furniture design program, but it wasn’t until a blacksmithing course that everything clicked for the artist.

It was then that Sault changed his major to Metal Smithing and truly began to thrive on everything that was new – the history, the processes. Unfortunately, a diagnosis of nerve damage and carpal tunnel sentenced Sault to alter his senior show from a series of sculpture furniture forged from steel to a body of precision jewelry pieces, primarily using his left hand. He’s been creating jewelry ever since in a small studio in the woods of the U.P., finding inspiration in the intuitive nature of processes involved with shaping metal. Both knowing that there’s so much he doesn’t yet know and that there will always be more to explore serves Sault’s appetite for discovery and education in his artistry.

Each of Sault’s pieces is hand fabricated one at a time. Although unconventional, Sault often works on dozens of projects at once. He may start an idea, get stuck, put it aside and begin anew, only to discover that a solution has arisen while working on something seemingly unrelated. Sault’s ring bands are hand soldered and hand finished, and the U.P. stamp is an original by the artist himself. He hammers each tiny rivet one at a time, and he hand cuts and solders each link on the bracelets. Sault provides hammer texture to strengthen and embellish. Apart from his jewelry, Sault designs and fabricates exhibits at the Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum.

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